What our clients say….

Thank you for providing me with the tools I need to be better

…being able to talk to someone about my problems and not being judged for it – they see me as a person that needs to get back on the right track…

It’s really great to have such a dedicated service [that is] available to anyone…

Easy to contact, great information from past addicts…definitely played a pivotal role in my returning today

Still a lot of work for me to do which is good.  It really helps me get things off my chest and speak my mind and getting feedback is great

All the staff have been so helpful, especially when I needed it most

Great staff, convenient location and great knowledge around addictions

Cyrenian House saved my life

I feel that I am in safe hands.  I am told what I need to hear not what I want to hear

…without their help and support I can only wonder how my life path would have lead. I am truly in debt to these wonderful people

I know there is nothing I can ever do that will be enough to repay you all for helping me get through the hardest times of my life.

Very supportive. All Cyrenian House employees are respectful and friendly, [it is] never a hassle to come in here!

Fantastic service, has saved my life and is helping me to live a happier, fulfilling life away from the need to drink and take drugs. [Cyrenian House] has helped me to get back into work and become a functioning person in society.

Very accommodating not just to substance abuse issues but also general life issues.

The service has really helped to show me key issues that I need help responding to in my life

I have found confidence and complete satisfaction with my counsellor and the contact I have had whilst here at Cyrenian. What would I have done without you?

Cyrenian House has helped me beyond measure. With their help, I have overcome many issues, many I didn’t realise I was harbouring, that held me down with immense weight. Thank you.

I never was able to talk about anything or seek help but Cyrenian staff have changed my perspective. Now I feel so much [better] when I am able to talk to someone and let everything out.