Continuous Quality Improvement

The culture of Cyrenian House is one which fosters continuous quality improvement through staff investment and consumer participation.

The Standard on Culturally Secure Practice (The Standard)

The Standard on Culturally Secure Practice (Alcohol and other Drug Sector) is the continuous quality improvement (CQI) framework that Cyrenian House uses to evaluate, improve and inform organisational operations and service provision.  Cyrenian House has received accreditation against the Standard on Culturally Secure Practice, meeting Essential and Good Practice indicators.


The Standard allows alcohol and other drug (AOD) services throughout Australia to work towards accreditation against a standard which is relevant to AOD work. The development of the Standard was supported by funding from the Western Australian Drug and Alcohol Office and the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. The Western Australian Drug and Alcohol Office continues to support the implementation and use of the standard in the WA AOD sector.

This Standard is the first to focus on cultural security and the first to be developed by and for the AOD sector. The cultural security of the Standard enables consideration of AOD services that work with specific population groups, including women, youth, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The Performance Expectations reviewed by the standard encompass understanding the target community, consumer focussed practice including rights and responsibilities and consumer participation, non-discriminatory practice and equitable access, evidenced based practice, clinical pathways planning and referral, staff training and support, risk management and governance.

The Standard is a model of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) to assist program and service development to better meet the needs of consumers and improve outcomes.  The Standard acknowledges the consumer – defined to encompass individuals, families and communities – and their participation in aspects of organisational activity as central to the processes of CQI.