Life Plan

My Life Plan

The Life Planner is about living the best life you can with the hand you’ve been dealt and working out who can help you to get there.

Everyone talks at more than one time in their lives about wanting to have a better life.

Cyrenian House has developed this whole of life planner as a way to map out your wishes.

The planner can help you to work out who you might need to talk to, or what you might need to do to help your wishes become reality.

Record your ideas, plans and your story to access support.

The planner explores who is going to do what and when.  It allows you to keep a check on progress in different areas and record success.

This is your life plan.

  • Not everyone will need to fill in all the chapters.
  • Fill only those chapters for what you want to change.
  • Add other chapters if it would help you.
  • Fill the planner at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Fill the planner in with a worker at Cyrenian House or with any other trusted helper.
  • If life is hard, share this plan with someone you trust. 

Good luck