Family Program

If you want help dealing with the impact of someone else’s alcohol and/or other drug problem you can make an appointment with our Family Counsellor at Cyrenian House Non-residential Services (08) 9328 9200.

Cyrenian House also runs a “Family Matters” group once a week to provide support for family members and significant others.  To download the information flyer please click here:  Family Matters Group Information

Families and Cyrenian House

If you are a family member, you are welcome at Cyrenian House….

Cyrenian House was founded by Rick Hammersley, whose own family was affected by drug use. This has given the organisation a strong focus on families since the beginning.

“Family” is broadly defined as anyone who cares about another – we see many partners and friends as well as blood relatives.

Family members often access our services either to support the person coming for treatment, or to get support in their own right if someone close to them is using alcohol or other drugs.

If you are accessing Cyrenian House to support someone you care about, you can expect to be:

Listened to and have your needs and concerns understood and respected;

  • Have your questions around drug use and effects, and treatment options answered;
  • Invited to attend the Residential Services Information Session with your loved one;
  • Provided with specific information about how to look after yourself whilst your family member is in treatment;
  • Included in the assessment, treatment planning process (if this is what your family member wants);
  • Able to access family counselling with our family counsellor;
  • Able to access counselling for yourself, whilst your family member is in treatment;

If you are accessing Cyrenian House because you would like support whilst you cope with a family member or significant other’s alcohol and other drug use, you can expect to be:

Able to access counselling to discuss your concerns and look at self-caring strategies for you, even if your family member or significant other continues using;

  • Supported to identify strategies that work for you in terms of setting and maintaining boundaries at home;
  • Given information on the nature of addiction, including relapse, so that you can better understand some of the behaviours of the person who is using;
  • Given information around other supports available (e.g. family support groups, websites).


Cyrenian House is proudly partnered with Mental Health Matters 2 to provide Families4Familes (F4F), a peer support plus program for families affected by mental health, drug and alcohol and other issues.  F4F is peer organized and run with additional clinical support being provided by a Cyrenian House worker.

In 2014 F4F won the families category in the Alcohol and other Drug Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the ‘Improved mental health outcomes delivered in partnership with drug and alcohol services’ category at the WA Mental Health Commission Good Outcome Awards.

Where: The Carer Centre, 182 Lord Street, Perth

When: Second and fourth Tuesday of the month

RSVPs are appreciated for set-up purposes to   or text to 0413 861 049

For more information contact Cyrenian House – 08 9328 9200 or visit Mental Health Matters 2

Bereavement Support:

If you have lost someone close to you due to a drug related incident, Cyrenian House can support you through the bereavement process.  Our bereavement support program is run by a clinician who has been providing specialist AOD bereavement support for the last 20 years.

Also offered by Cyrenian House with families in mind:

The Saranna Women and Children’s Program offers residential treatment in a therapeutic community setting where women with young children can be in rehabilitation and keep their family with them.

Resources (Alphabetically)

Australian Drug Foundation Offers a number of fact sheets about drug use aimed at helping family members increase their knowledge.

Australian Government Health Department Advice

Directory/Data base of Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health Service providers in WA

ADIS (Alcohol and Drug Information Service) – 24 Hour support and information line

PDIS (Parent Drug Information Service) – 24 Hour support and information line run by parents with a lived experience

Kids Helpline Parents – Information for parents

 Headspace a youth mental health service that has information for parents

Mental Health Matters 2 – A community advocacy group for families affected by drug and alcohol and metal health issues

 National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre – information sheets on various types of drugs

Victorian Education Department pamphlet about basic drug information