The Australasian Therapeutic Community Essential Elements (ATCEEs)

The ATCEEs define the therapeutic community approach in Australia and New Zealand and were established from considerable consultation with the Australasian TC sector.
Relevant ATCEEs that inform the TC Ethos include:

Number ATCEE Statement
3 Recovery from drug addiction requires establishment or renewal of personal values, such as honesty, self-reliance, and responsibility to self and others
4 Recovery from drug addiction involves learning or re-establishing the behavioural skills, attitudes and values associated with community living
5 Recovery from drug addiction involves personal development and lifestyle change consistent with shared community values
9 Therapeutic communities provide a combination of therapeutic involvements between residents and staff and among residents (especially senior and junior residents) and living in a caring and challenging community as the principal medium to encourage change and personal development
13 The self-contained nature of TCs, with residents performing routine chores such as cooking and cleaning, is important in encouraging residents to become self-sufficient and responsible for themselves and others
14 Encouraging a sense of participation in and belonging to the community is critical to the effectiveness of the TC approach
15 Living skills to support recovery develop from commitment to the values shared by the TC community
16 Work is used to enhance the sense of community, to build self-esteem and social responsibility, and to develop communication, organisational and interpersonal skills
17 The TC approach involves supporting and acting responsibly towards other individuals and the community
18 The TC approach supports the development of individual responsibility for actions and their consequences
19 Program fosters the development of supportive relationships between residents to facilitate individual change
20 Peer support and constructive feedback are integral to addressing negative behaviour and attitudes and affirming positive achievements of residents
21 Treatment involves learning and becoming committed to shared community values, including respect for self and others, honesty, willingness to attempt personal growth, and responsibility to self and others

Relevant aspects of program delivery ATCEEs include:

Number ATCEE Statement
34 Residential TC treatment is of medium to long term duration, with actual length varied according to individual requirements
38 Residential TC treatment has distinct stages generally reflecting a focus on assessment/orientation, treatment, extended treatment or transition, and re-entry, respectively
45 Program uses groups to provide encouragement to change behaviour and attitudes
46 Residents are encouraged to attempt behaviours and activities, even if they doubt their abilities or the reason for the behaviours and activities, as a means of developing a more positive attitude through learning by doing