FAQ – Therapeutic Community

Who pays for my treatment?

Treatment costs are your responsibility. Most people who come to the TC are on a Centrelink benefit and treatment costs are in line those benefits.  If you are not in receipt of Centrelink benefits please discuss this with the Assessment Counselor


What if a need to detox?

During your assessment we will discuss with you your detoxification needs. If it is assessed that you need to attend a detoxification service we will help you to access one.


I am on a subutex/methadone program and would like to go to the TC; is that possible?

We can support and assist you through our outpatient services to reduce your dose and detoxify so you can access residential treatment.  A number of people who have been on subutex/methadone have successfully entered our residential treatment program this way.


Is the program religious?

Cyrenian House is not affiliated with any religious organizations and the program at the TC does not advocate any one particular religious approach.  The TC does recognize that individuals may wish to practice their faith or explore their spirituality. The TC actively promotes the values of honesty, personal growth and respect for self and others.


Is your service culturally secure for Aboriginal People?

The TC has consulted with, and continues to consult with, Aboriginal organisations, Noongar Elders, family members and Aboriginal People who have come through our program to continually improve our service for Aboriginal People. Aboriginal AOD Support Workers are part of the team working at the TC.  Please see our link on cultural security for more information on this important topic.


Can I have visitors?

Once you have completed three weeks of the program you may have visitors. Visiting times occur on Sundays. We recognize the importance of family connection and provide a family pack with detailed information about the TC program. This is available in our reception area.


I have a physical disability; will this prevent me from coming to the TC?

To be able to support people with physical disabilities we offer a visit to the TC and an opportunity for people to spend time in groups and on the property so they can assess, in conjunction with the assessment counselor, if the program meets their needs.


Do I have to give up my Homeswest property?

Not necessarily. Please discuss this during your assessment.


Can I take my pets and car out there?

Although we like them, pets are not allowed due to the wild life surrounding the Therapeutic Community. There are restrictions on bringing your vehicle to the TC.   Speak to your counsellor on assessment.


Do I have to share a room?

Every room has two beds, so expect to share depending on numbers. You may eventually not have to share a bedroom.


How long before I can go in?

This depends on the pool of individuals also waiting for admission which varies from month to month. Please ask your counsellor at the time of assessment. The counsellor will provide you with as much information as possible.


Can I go to work while living there?

Once you have completed 4th stage of the program, you may be able to engage in employment, higher education or voluntary work whilst residing within the Cyrenian House Therapeutic Community.