Saranna Women and Children’s Program (Rick Hammersley TC)


The Saranna Women and Children’s Program allows mothers with young dependent children in their care to access a residential alcohol and other drug treatment service within a therapeutic community setting.

The service addresses the current inequality of service access for women with young dependents and facilitates family re-unification and strengthening.  Women and their children form an integral part of the Therapeutic Community living in self contained cottages to maintain the development of the family unit whilst engaging in a daily program of recovery.

There are currently fourteen, two and three bedroom houses.  This unique program is the only residential alcohol and other drug program in WA for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women and children impacted by alcohol and other drug use.

The Saranna Program can accommodate mothers with babies, pre-primary or primary school aged children.

Services Provided

The Saranna Program utilises the evidence based Community as Method treatment model that is further enhanced by targeted interventions pertinent to the client group:

  • Parenting skills training, child development.
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Groupwork
  • 1:1 Counselling
  • Protective behaviours education
  • Vocational program
  • On site child care
  • An environment which is safe and caring for children.
  • Outreach- Pre and post treatment to provide continuity of care. 

Target Groups

  • Women seeking residential AOD treatment who have young children in their care.

Entry Requirements 

  • Assessments are conducted by the Saranna Outreach worker. There may be a waiting list.
  • Applicants must show a commitment by attending support and counselling sessions whilst preparing for residential treatment.

Saranna Outreach

Also operating from the Rick Hammersley TC is the Saranna Outreach Program.  This is an outreach service that offers a continuum of care to women pre and post admission to the Saranna Program.

 Please click here to view the Saranna Program brochure: Saranna Women and Childrens Program Web 2015