Transition Housing and Support Program

The Transition Housing and Support Program (THASP) provides a secure and supportive home base for graduates of the Cyrenian House TCs transitioning to life in the wider community. Cyrenian House manages a four bedroom home in Bedford as well as co-managing (with Access Housing) a 3 bedroom home in Baldivis. As the houses are located within the wider community, they are free from the stigma that can be associated with AOD treatment centres. This gives the residents freedom to engage with community groups and neighbourhood peers without discriminatory bias.

Community links coupled with voluntary work, education or employment enable residents to further develop healthy social support networks.  A THASP worker provides weekly support to THASP residents while they engage with employment, study and volunteer work. Residents support each other as a way of creating a friendly and therapeutic home environment.  THASP program residents are provided with tenancy references which assist with securing safe rental accommodation upon exit from the THASP house.

The THASP has been nominated for The Premier’s Award’s 2015 in the Strengthening Families and Communities Category.

The whole process of being assisted and supported through transition from residential treatment was extremely significant as rehab was the first place I had been safe for a long time and my anxiety around leaving was extreme no matter how ‘capable’ I may have appeared. THASP resident