Reconciliation Action Plan

Cultural Security and Our Vision for Reconciliation

Cultural security is about ensuring that the delivery of health services is such that no one person is afforded a less favourable outcome simply because she or he holds a different cultural outlook. Cyrenian House is committed to applying this principle in practice across all aspects of organisational governance and planning, service delivery and all relationships with individuals and organisations.  Through the Cyrenian House Reconciliation Action Plan, we aim to further develop positive relationships and ways of working that will contribute to improving the health and wellbeing and dignity of all Australians.

Cyrenian House aims to:

  • Address the 17 year life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians through equitable access to culturally appropriate treatment for alcohol and other drug use and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Provide and promote opportunities for Aboriginal participation and employment
  • Ensure equal access to our facilities, services and information is afforded to all Aboriginal members of the community.
  • Teach life skills and provide health education and vocational training that support Aboriginal people achieving equality in all aspects of life.

We recognise and value:

  • The unique status of Aboriginal peoples as the original custodians of Australia’s lands and waters.
  • Aboriginal spirituality, cultures, languages and heritage.
  • The great diversity of cultural values, backgrounds, living situations and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples.
  • The rights of Aboriginal Australians to self-determination and equitable participation in the community.

We acknowledge:

  • The significant gap in health and well-being and overall life expectancy between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians
  • The social and economic disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal peoples
  • The significant commitment necessary to address the disadvantage faced by Aboriginal peoples

We commit to:

  • Investing the necessary time and resources to listen to the needs of the Aboriginal people and contribute to Reconciliation

The Cyrenian House Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Our RAP provides us with a framework for the future, detailing steps and priorities to make a difference and achieve respectful partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.  The Cyrenian House RAP is a dynamic document and has been developed and will continue to be refreshed in consultation with staff and consumers.

A RAP Implementation Committee comprising Aboriginal representatives from our partner organisations and key Cyrenian House staff continues to actively monitor RAP development, including implementation of actions and tracking progress. The RAP is championed within the organisation by the Cyrenian House members of the RAP Implementation Committee.

The RAP is incorporated into the Cyrenian House policies, practices and procedures and its related continuous quality improvement systems.  The RAP directly influences our organisational planning processes, particularly our strategic and business plans and relationships as well as the way we communicate and who we are in the community.

To view our 2015-2017 STRETCH RECONCILIATION ACTION PLAN please click on the following link: Cyrenian House RAP 2015-17_web_single pages_July16